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23 Funny Reactions Of Animals Meeting Friends Of Other Species For The First Time

Meeting someone for the first time can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience, so some of our most memorable moments often come from these meetings, and animals are no exception. If we try to hide their true emotions and make a good first impression, animals will not hesitate to let us know if they don’t like us.

We are in love with animals of all kinds, and what we love even more is to watch what happens when they meet each other for the first time. Thankfully, some people were able to capture those hilarious animal interactions on camera. For this reason, we have collected an adorable list of animal pics to share with you and make your day better. Scroll down to see!

1. You scare me, water doggo!

2. When the first meeting didn’t go well:

3. Nimbus met our dog for the first time. This is her being intimidating.

4. My owl hides behind me when there’s a visitor in the house.

5. “Day 3: They still think I’m a duck.”

6. This dog probably just had immediate regrets about not getting health insurance.

7. My cat’s reaction to the real bear skin rug my roommate brought home:

8. Knock knock — Hoo’s there?

9. Trying to get into our territory, bra-a-ather?

10. “It’s behind me, isn’t it?”

11. “The wall climbing sheep is freaking Otis out.”

12. Come down… if you dare!

13. Huskies are the bravest dogs, they said…

14. “What the duck is going on here?”

15. Meet new friends, they said… it’ll be fun, they said.

16. “My dog is deathly afraid of my brother’s bird.”

17. Don’t worry, you’re gonna become best friends!

18. Why do you hold this giant green worm against us, mom?

19. You’d better explain yourself, you little floofy poser!

20. What are you, you strange creature?

21. Gang attack!

22. Let’s wrap it up, birdie, before my whiskers are completely frozen!

23. I feel you, dog. I’m freaked out by lobsters too.

Do you have pets? Were they ever scared to meet new friends? We are happy if you share your stories in the comments below and add your pictures to the list. Don’t forget to share these pictures with your friends and your family members!

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