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25 Hulk Dogs Who Have Too Much Fun With Freshly Cut Grass

It’s no secret that all dogs love to roll on the ground, every dog pawrent knows that. It’s just their natural instinct of hiding their scent or relieving an itch, and it’s also their own way to have fun. There is absolutely nothing better than a vast, soft green lawn for dogs to freely rub their bodies against, and when that lawn happens to be covered by freshly cut grass, the fun will be doubled!

However, such joy often comes with a consequence. As you might see in these hilarious pictures, those not-so-good boys often end up looking like Hulk dogs. And yes, they definitely have no regret at all.

Here are 25 bubbly doggos who have just had tons of fun with green grass, and they will brighten up your day for sure. Just scroll down and check them out!

#1. Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s fresh cut grass.

Source: horlicks.thegolden

#2. Preparing for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Source: daisymae.lucylou.doodlebugs

#3. Council cut the grass at the park this morning. Now I have a greendog.

Source: Melanie Onn

#4. She’s apparently comfortable now in her new home and literally rolled on almost every part of the freshly mowed lawn.

Source: JoyfulBirch

#5. It’s the rarely seen Green Retriever.

Source: eeddeedde

#6. Looks like it was fun!

Source: DonGeronimo

#7. Nori the eco puppy.

Source: timmygreiner

#8. One white dog + wet freshly cut grass = …

Source: Wadey

#9. My golden retriever decided to roll on the freshly mowed lawn. Hulk Dog!

Source: Henderp

#10. Cassie = white dog + freshly cut grass = green paws.

Source: Bryan Del Rizzo

#11. Dog + freshly cut grass = Hulk dog.

Source: Steve

#12. My dog after running through freshly cut grass.

Source: ctorx

#13. It’s a green boot kinda day…

Source: mr.merlinmeyer

#14. “Yay! Freshly cut grass again! My fave!”

Source: betty.and.bear

#15. “What a MESS! Dad let me run through the grass before he realized it was freshly cut.”

Source: ollietakestulsa

#16. The cons of having white fur…

Source: forrest.and.jameson

#17. My mom’s dog likes to play in the freshly cut grass every time my dad mows the lawn.

Source: bornbylightning

#18. My girlfriend’s dog, Finn, after being outside in freshly cut grass.

Source: badinkyj

#19. For some reason the song Green Sleeves is running thru my head.

Source: tale.of.2.corgis

#20. So proud!

Source: lexilove.pets

#21. Got some green highlights today.

Source: harvey.the.goldie

#22. My dog after rolling in the freshly cut grass.

Source: BamboozleGeico

#23. “You’ve heard of green thumbs….”

Source: pennycav

#24. “A bath? Look, let’s not overreact. It’s just a little grass stain…”

Source: anaussienamedloki

#25. Fresh cut grass and a crazy puppy!

Source: Gitterdude

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