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20 Times Pets Are Not In Good Mood, But Their Faces Turn So Cute!

We all have those days when you are wildly bored and moody. You feel you are against the world and everything goes wrong. Although there are a number of simple things that you can do to improve your mood during these times, all you need to do is to sit still, rest, and be quiet for a little while. The positive energy will come back, and negative feelings will be disappeared through time.

In order to help you to break the chain of bad days, we collected a list of moody animals to share with you. There’s just something special about them that you can’t resist. They may look grumpy and mad, but they will never stop being both funny and cute. They will never fail to make you happy and make your days better. Scroll down to see!

1. “My cat is upset she has to wear a cone since it makes it hard for her to hide in her favorite spot.”

2. “That’s not the toy I asked for!”

3. Earl looks so unimpressed with us.

4. “My friend’s new kitty might be the reincarnation of Grumpy Cat.”

5. We bet this bunny also rolled its eyes at her.

6. “Stop annoying me, human. I didn’t break your vase!”

7. His name is Grumpy Frankie and it really suits him.

8. “I am not in the mood for games, human.”

9. “My dog woke me up, clearly upset, in the pitch black. I turned on the light and saw this.”

10. “I had a bad day at work.”

11. “My box doesn’t fit anymore.”

12. How to be both adorable and angry:

13. “Are you taking pictures of me again?”

14. “Feed me, human — or else!”

15. “What do you mean there are no more treats?!”

16. “Sir, stop swinging that golf stick!”

17. This angry owl doesn’t want any company.

18. “She didn’t like her shave, so she hid in a box.”

19. “He was upset at my son for talking to me instead of petting him.”

20. “Repaired his favorite toy and now he’s not only unsatisfied with it, but he’s also extremely upset.”

Do you have photos of grumpy animals? Please share them with us in the comments below!

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