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10+ Photos Of Pets Yawning That Make You Yawn

Yawning is a very natural response when we feel tired. It most often occurs immediately before and after sleep, and during tedious activities. However, we are not the only ones who yawn. Our pet friends also yawn as a way of calming down and dealing with nervousness. Sometimes, they yawn to wait for something enjoyable. Of course, there are times when a yawn is just a yawn.

As you know, yawning can be very contagious. For this reason, we decided to give a fun experiment for you to try. Scroll down to check out these cute photos of yawning pets and try not to yawn. Can you make it through this post without yawning?

#1 Yawning Puppy

Source: Animals Zone

#2 Possibly yawning, possibly laughing at the squished plants.

Source: Franco Gavazzeni

#3 White Cat Yawning

Source: Animals Zone

#4 He is ready to sleep and relax at home!

Source: dreamstime

#5 Percy. He’s not with us any more but we remember his phenomenal yawns…!

Source: Jackie Warner

#6 Big Scary!

Source: Justin Pentecost

#7 My puppy in mid yawn!

Source: Amy Bindokas

#8 “Chibi my old cat stretching i’m not sure if she’s yawning tho?”

Source: HarryPotterSquad

#9 Awesome!

Source: Animals Zone

#10 Ahhhhh Sun

Source: elmarie smit

#11 Newborn Puppies

Source: Animals Zone

#12 A real yawn with her nose in the air……..

Source: Doris Charron

#13 “Help me!! Please help meeee!!!”

Source: Animals Zone

#14 Milky Way

Source: April

#15 Persian Cat Yawning

Source: Animals Zone

#16 “Our leopard boy. He’s sorta yawning I guess.”

Source: Siri Lommen Lichte

#17 Lovely white fat pug dog portraits sitting on a wooden chair yawn and making funny face looking for friends to play.

Source: dreamstime

#18 Waiting for a call

Source: Dave

#19 “I don’t want to wake up!”

Source: dreamstime

#20 “It’s time to sleep!”

Source: Animals Zone

Does looking at these photos of pets yawning make you yawn? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and your family members to make their day!

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