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20 Cute Pets Who Use Their Owners As Pillows

For our pet friends, sleeping is one of their favorite things. So when they feel asleep, they will find a comfortable and cozy place to take a nap, or a perfect spot to rest their furry little heads. And they seem to realize that sleeping on their humans is particularly comfortable. Although they have warm and expensive beds, they love to sleep with their owners and even use them as pillows. Despite being disturbed, these owners seem not to mind, in fact, they love it and don’t want to wake these cute friends up.

What’s cuter than a sleeping pet, especially when they sleep on their humans? We are sure that no one can resist the cuteness and the warmth that their little bodies emanate when they sleep. That’s the reason why we gathered 20 photos of pets cuddling up and sleeping with their owners in blissful slumber. Now check out these cute and peaceful photos! We hope they will make you melt and give you sweet dreams.

#1 Oh bed doggie hugs!

Source: pidgeycandies

#2 “Fiancé before we got a dog: ’If we get a dog, it will never sleep in our bed with us, that’s disgusting.’ Fiancé now:”

Source: hangingdenim / Reddit

#3 “Came back to bed to find this bitch stole my boyfriend.”

Source: emeleem

#4 “My new litter of foster kittens has brought me sweet babies to sleep on my guitar while I play. She stayed there for hours.”

Source: cpics_traveler / Reddit

#5 “Our pets arrange themselves around my girlfriend and I like this almost every night.”

Source: GraeterMcMuffin

#6 “Nap time with little Lucy! My sister found this kitten in the street and it found a home with us.”

Source: rosepettijohn

#7 “What my bed looks like in the mornings!”

Source: mrsjordanleigh17

#8 Sleeping buddies!

Source: Reddit

#9 Passed out from those socks?

Source: Loews Hotels

#10 She’s well protected.

Source: Unknown

#11 Super-cat dad!

Source: Imgur

#12 Oh the things we do for love!

Source: Unknown

#13 “Picked up a rescue in Alabama. He’s been sleeping on my arm all the way to Florida. He’s so content.”

Source: Giraffesareafacade / Reddit

#14 “The way my cat sleeps with me.”

Source: FleckOne / Reddit

#15 “I think my dog stole my boyfriend from me.”

Source: ThebestKimthereis

#16 “It looks like they won’t be moving from there for a while.”

Source: alien_opossum / Reddit

#17 Is the dog sure about being a pillow here?

Source: Detective51

#18 “Where one sleeps, 4 can sleep too,’ is a cat’s motto.”

Source: Reddit

#19 “My dad and our dog are inseparable! They even sleep together.”

Source: Irnur / Reddit

#20 “Each of them taking care of the other’s dreams.”

Source: Reddit

Do you have a pet? Please share photos of your pet sleeping with us in the comments below! Be sure to share this post with your friends and family members!

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