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20+ Angry Doggos Who Bring Humor Instead Of Terror

Are you owning a dog? Does he/she often get mad at you? Yes? A lot? Don’t worry, you are absolutely not alone. All dogs love to be good boys, but unfortunately they can’t be good all the time.

Most dogs are just like kids, they have their own mixed feelings and when they are a little bit unhappy, they also have their own way to express their disappointment. But to be honest, these funny tantrums and grumpy faces make them even more adorable somehow. If you are a dog lover, you surely can get it!

Here are 22 hilarious pictures of cute doggos getting angry we have collected for you, and they will put a smile on your face within a few seconds. Just scroll down and have a good laugh!

#1. “No, I told you to stay away Monday!”

Source: kivatheshiba

#2. Mack and Stewie’s Monday face.

Source: mack_the_corgi

#3. The grumpy face of a bulldog named Angel.

Source: vinnys_world_vinstaglam

#4. When you don’t get your morning coffee.

Source: charlie_jaws

#5. “Threw a tantrum today by messing up mom’s folded clothes because she refuses to take me to the dog park just because it is wet and muddy.”

Source: burger_samoyed

#6. “Drop it? How about you drop it? Dis my Kong!”

Source: lilgrumplulu

#7. Shoob is heckin angery it’s Monday.

Source: ryderthesamoyed

#8. “The face you dont want to see.”

Source: shepherd_zoone

#9. “I is an angry seal!”

Source: poppyseedsprinkles

#10. “Mom insisted on a photo shoot in the new Curli harness! You can see how I felt about that.”

Source: atlas.the.pomeranian

#11. “Do you seriously think we’re gonna eat THAT?”

Source: libra_love_leo

#12. “Sorry but this is my terrarium!”

Source: kiwitje25

#13. “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.”

Source: edthepug_

#14. “No happy!! I have so much to tell on vets…”

Source: bimbodcheekypom

#15. “What do you mean the summer is over?!!”

Source: __kobe__frenchie__

#16. “The look Mom saw when she cleaned the window and door because she was wiping away my drool painting. It was a masterpiece in process. Now we’ll never know my true potential.”

Source: yukibearspitz

#17. “I don’t care what anyone has to say, that’s how I get away with a lot of naughty things I do. Take not fur friends.”

Source: kush.marleyboy

#18. “Anyone else having Chipotle for dinner tonight? Me neither.”

Source: nokathegsp

#19. “This is a joke, right?”

Source: shiba_qq11

#20. “It’s 6:30 in the morning and you dare to take the picture?”

Source: pufa_fluffydog

#21. “For the love of Dog, leave me alone! My hooman so annoying.”

Source: lilgrumplulu

#22. “Grumpy today!”

Source: tribbleytilly

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