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25 Photos Proving That Animals Look Like Animals But Possess Human Mind

We like to think of ourselves as a special bunch, and we believe that the main differences between us and other animal species are our ability of complex reasoning, our use of complex language, our ability to solve difficult problems and show feelings. However, just look at these pictures below you may be surprised at how similar we are to even our distant relations. It turns out we have plenty in common with other animals. Animals are like us, but kinder and funnier.

Here’s a list of the top parallels between humans and animal, who are funny and expressive copies of ourselves. Scroll down to see! Which animal do you see yourself relatable to?

h/t: Bright Side

#1. When you came to a party with your friend and you don’t know anyone else:

#2. When you look so stunning you’re even ready to see your ex:

#3. When you’re tired and sleeping:

#4. When you’re trying to impress someone you really like:

#5. Before you’ve had your morning coffee:

#6. When you barely made it to your bus:

#7. When both of you are hungry but you can’t agree on where to eat:

#8. When you’re going to work during rush hour:

#9. When you’re trying to let your friend know that his joke wasn’t really funny:

#10. When someone took your favorite seat and you’re imagining what you’d do to get it back:

#11. When someone you don’t know that well enters your personal space:

#12. When you have an idea for a cool start-up and you’re planning on getting rich soon:

#13. When you just don’t know what to do:

#14. When you’re trying to figure out whether you need to lose weight or if you still look okay:

#15. When you realize that the person you are talking to is kind of dumb:

#16. When you photoshopped your photo to look cool:

#17. When your neighbors turn on loud music in the middle of the night:

#18. When you can do something unusual and you want to demonstrate that:

#19. When someone told you something offensive:

#20. When you decide to take a selfie lying down:

#21. When you made a bad decision:

#22. When you come home from work and you can finally relax:

#23. When you’re cool and you know it:

#24. When you are on vacation and taking pictures in front of everything:

#25. When you love your parents:

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