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16 Of The Funniest Photos Ever Taken At Airports

It was cool to think about going to an airport when we were kids. Everything was new and interesting. However, all the excitement is now gone as we’re grown up. Hours of delaying or even worse, your flight is canceled due to whatever the reason. Every time you go to the airport is now more like suffering, and you may need more coffee to keep yourself up.

However, sometimes people can really find entertainment during the time they are stuck at an airport. We have collected some of the funniest pictures people took at airports to present to you in the list below. Instead of waiting tiredly, these people had some fun at least. So, let’s check them out now.

#1 While Boarding A Flight, An 8yr Old Ominously Told Me “I Left A Secret Agent To Watch You…”. I Wasn’t Sure What That Meant For The Next Two Hours Until Another Passenger Pointed This Out To Me

Source: Cavemansol

#2 Saw This Pilot At The Airport, Yesterday

Source: CorkyBravo

#3 Beastie Boys Getting A Hold Of The Gate Display Again

Source: DoubleCaeser

#4 Found At Chicago O’Hare Airport

Source: Spokes1215

#5 My Friend Is A Pilot, He Said When They Get Bored They Have Water Gun Fights

Source: CanadianBacon9001

#6 A Friend Came Across This At London Heathrow Airport

Source: MrPrestige

#7 My Brother At Bishkek Airport, Kyrgyzstan. I Don’t Think They Thought This Through

Source: Freak913

#8 I Was Stuck On An Airplane For 4 Hours Waiting To Take Off (Cancelled Flight). This Kept Me Entertained For About 10 Minutes

Source: toothball

#9 Forgot To Charge Arm Last Night. Charging At Cellphone Charge Area At Airport

Source: aannggeellll

#10 When Benches Are Too Hard To Sleep On At The Airport

Source: gilear

#11 Who Needs A Longer Cable?

Source: numberoneus

#12 That Time I Saw Someone Try To Smuggle 50 Boxes Of Cookies Out Of The Orlando Airport And Was Treated Like A Drug Lord

Source: Moviebrainrot

#13 Guy Looks Exactly Like The Woman’s Laptop Sticker

Source: mrevanbc

#14 Staying At The Airport Overnight, You’re Doing It Right

Source: wickedsmaht

#15 As I Was Waiting To Pick Up My Luggage From The Airport

Source: bzzzzzzlightyear

#16 On A Recent Trip To Taipei, A Friend Captured This In The Security Line

Source: trollbob

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