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Some Of The Funniest Interactions People Find On Twitter

Twitter is indeed a great place to have lively discussions and intelligent debates. All people, regardless of where they’re from, love to give out their ideas and also listen to others. This is an excellent way to help everyone have a better understanding of the discussed topic. However, you can also find on Twitter some conversations that indeed make no sense at all.

When Twitter user @alextalktoem posted the question: “Funniest Twitter interaction you’ve ever seen?” people replied to him with hundreds of answers. We have collected some of the best ones in the list below. The humor in those tweets will surely have you rolling on the floor. So let’s scroll down and check them out now.


Source: aIextalktoem


Source: omarjakram


Source: universevsluke


Source: JordanMcInt0sh


Source: AidanKhan10


Source: ranfrmdasip


Source: macaliniw


Source: deville_cameron


Source: jerard94


Source: JmanBoogieDown


Source: niggaOntheTL


Source: FriendshipOg


Source: EdKTheRula


Source: Sahil62432917


Source: ArnouldConku


Source: thouxanbangels


Source: DeeELJay_81

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