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6-Feet-Tall Moose Pulled To Freedom By Kind Prospectors After Being Stuck In A Mud Hole

If you are having trouble trusting humanity, this story might restore your faith and brighten up your day. The incident took placed in Ontario, Canada on August 16 and only a few days after it was shared on Facebook, the heartwarming post has racked up 2,100 shares, 1,600 likes, and hundreds of comments.

Everything started as a perfectly normal day for Maurice Valliere and Pat Greba – two prospectors in Timmins, Ontario. But when a friend informed them about a moose trapped in a mud hole not far away from where they lived, the two kind men knew they had to act immediately.

Image source: Bill Desloges

The very first thing they do was trying to contact the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, but unfortunately, they didn’t receive any response. So, they had no choice but to rescue the poor creature themselves, because they knew the longer they waited, the more dangerous the situation would get.

Image source: Bill Desloges

Valliere and Greba already realized that the moose was big, but they honestly didn’t expect him to be that big. According to their estimation, he was about 6 feet tall or even more, which made the rescue pretty challenging at that moment since the moose was stuck up to his neck in the mud.

“We decided we might as well go before he drowns,” Valliere recalled. “We didn’t think he was that big or that deep in (the water). It was just his head was sticking up, that’s it. The whole body – everything was in in the mud hole.”

Image source: Bill Desloges

After a while of struggling, they managed to get some canvas sling around the moose and started to pull him up with the help of Valliere’s Argo four-wheeler. But it wasn’t until an hour later that the moose was finally free. He was so exhausted back then that he even let Valliere’s dog lay by his side without any sign of protest.

“We pulled and pulled and then we had to put the Argo in reverse because the winch couldn’t handle it,” the man said. “He was burnt right out (and) he was shaking. I had my dog with me and he just laid there and didn’t bark at him or nothing. And it seemed to calm him down. He shook for about a minute there. And then he tried his legs and everything worked. So he decided to go just off.”

Image source: Bill Desloges

The moose was saved just in time. However, many other beings weren’t as lucky as he was.

“We found hip bones and stuff like that from other (moose),” Valliere continued.

Image source: Bill Desloges

Talking about his viral story on Facebook, Valliere shared that he had no intent to get famous or anything, he just hoped it would help some other people feel a little better.

“It never even dawned on me that it would go on Facebook,” he said. “A buddy of ours is good on computers and he wanted to put that on Facebook. I said go ahead, if you want, maybe it’ll make somebody smile.”

Isn’t this story beautiful? Please share it with your loved ones!

H/T: CTV News Northern Ontario


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