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21 Fake Social Media Posts So Ridiculous That Will Make You Laugh Hard

For some people, fame is everything they want. They can even do stupid things to get the attention of others. We all know that people intentionally post fake things on their social media to make people notice them. But sometimes it’s just too fake that hardly can anyone believe it.

Ever seen those funny social media posts where someone claims to have been in a Starbucks at just the right moment to witness a feminist whale rights activist shut down a gay-bashing extremist super-villain with a perfect quip? Sounds pretty impressive, huh? But the story itself has hints that tell it’s totally made up. The subreddit r/thatHappened is dedicated to such things like that. Those not-so-true stories are a good source of entertainment, though. So now, scroll down and check out what we’ve got here for you. Enjoy your time and have some laughs for the day.

#1 Righttttttt… Because kids know exactly how many happy meals they have in the whole store. And you are mean af!

Source: AdamLS16

#2 This guy is so cool his neighbor asks him to turn his music up and gives him free beer

Source: AMW1987

#3 Its Britney, bitxh

Source: MiguelAkaLilAkaNancy

#4 Straight outta the bowels of Quora

Source: LepoGorria

#5 Extreme irony considering the graphic designer part

Source: endofthefkingworld

#6 Apparently they also waited 40 minutes just to ask him that question

Source: Concerned-gay-guy

#7 Cosplayers are notorious liars tbh

Source: princelleuad

#8 Done with this sh*t

Source: LordEsidisi

#9 It’s true, I was guy in the threesome.

Source: thegodofwine7

#10 when your six-year-old is a patriot

Source: venusianaquarius

#11 I mean… Miss Brienne, are you sure?

Source: pssppsp

#12 Ontario has a mask mandate and we just announced vaccine passports…

Source: thefrankdomenic

#13 The most unbelievable thing here is that this dude has a girlfriend

Source: CommunistBreadstick

#14 I’d be more concerned about people knowing which car is yours…

Source: JayKndy

#15 An EXACT replica of the last supper

Source: Throwaway-0364

#16 Suuuue, this spooky story totally happened…

Source: Zukitten

#17 Also… why are your antidepressants easily accessible to a 7 year old?

Source: FibrousSumo5

#18 Mr. Husband has a revelation when drunk

Source: Didnt_Know_That

#19 Funny but didn’t happen

Source: WildGrem7

#20 This is definitely Gwyneth Paltrow’s burner account

Source: ArceusTheLegendary50

#21 I’m sure he did

Source: jonathan1228

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