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20+ Pairs Of Interspecies Siblings Who Look Strikingly Similar

Have you ever spotted two critters who look like each other too much you can hardly tell who is who? It’s not hard to find look-alikes among animals of the same pieces – they share a lot of common genes after all, but we can’t say the same when it comes to different species. That’s the reason why such coincidences are always a blessing to our eyes, and when these “doppelgangers” happen to be friends or adoptive siblings, the joy will be doubled!

In this post, we’re glad to introduce you to 22 adorable pairs of pets who look strikingly similar to each other. Even though they don’t come from the same mother, they share many characteristics and they totally adore one another! Their lovely bonds will warm your heart for sure, just scroll down and prepare to be wowed:

#1. Color coordinated.

Source: dDeoxyribo

#2. “Oh no, part of me is escaping!”

Source: the_cool_guinea_pigs

#3. Same fur, same pose.

Source: fjordility

#4. Beautiful pals.

Source: wallacethewabbit

#5. What a perfect match!

Source: iffymath

#6. Chillin’ at home.

Source: patryks_world

#7. “What vase? We were just playing…”

Source: Portera2767

#8. Double boop

Source: vladgrinch

#9. A Bernese dog and a Bernese Nugget dog.

Source: SarahSmilla

#10. The cat looks like he’s filming a scene from “Game of Thrones”…

Source: yeeppergg

#11. “What do you mean we were adopted?”

Source: wfldphotography

#12. “What do you mean we were adopted?”

Source: EveryDayImJocelyn

#13. They blend so well!

Source: Muggles22

#14. “Son? Is that you?”

Source: photo_pokla

#15. Why do we call dogs golden/yellow and cats orange/ginger?

Source: Dreamworld

#16. “There’s a spy among us…”

Source: thkce

#17. She is being affectionate.

Source: Gamer_Diva

#18. “I made this I think.”

Source: macbookwhoa

#19. That one kid who gets respected because of his scary big brother.

Source: bowstring0924

#20. “Do we look like each other?”

Source: LindaDee

#21. Proof we are more alike than different.

Source: ashleywhitephoto

#22. Those eyes!

Source: labbitlove

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H/T: Bored Panda

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