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20 Deceptive Packaging Designs That Will Drive You Mad

Many companies attempt to build their brand and establish a good and long relationship with customers by creating quality products. Meanwhile, some others use tricks to make their products look attractive on the outside, but the contents inside are much more different. Those misleading packaging designs bring customers nothing more than disappointment. Imagine you are very excited opening a box of cookies that look so yummy, but you end up realizing it’s all deceptive.

Here is a list of false packaging designs that are so terrible, making any buyer angry. They come up with various cheating ways, regardless of the consequence that clients will lose their trust in them. We all know these infuriating packages happen everywhere, but sometimes we can hardly accept them since they are too ridiculous. Scroll down to check 20 of the worst examples.

#1 Dry squid container

Source: lilymgoh

#2 “Box” of beef jerky

Source: boot1994

#3 At least it has one candy topping

Source: hyrte0010

#4 This hid 1/3 of the (missing) steak

Source: rawghi

#5 Disappointment

Source: Draiman402

#6 Biggest letdown I’ve had in a while

Source: Angel_Muffin

#7 Just enough to fit in the window

Source: jhop12

#8 Tea came in a pack of 4, faced forwards

Source: 3cuas

#9 There’re obviously three on the package

Source: husekjiri

#10 It’s made out to be bigger than it really is

Source: Yyir

#11 Four finger discount

Source: reddit.com

#12 Expectations vs reality

Source: green_buddha_cacti

#13 This is just sad

Source: phancylewell

#14 Turns out every single one of them has blue ink

Source: desperate_ly

#15 Packaging of moisturizing cream

Source: Bail-Me-Out

#16 Box more than staples

Source: nzscion

#17 Mr. Spink needs to meet Mr. Spank

Source: joefife

#18 The box doesn’t need to be that long

Source: iamtherealsuppaman

#19 Immeasurable disappointment

Source: MisterKiko

#20 Thought these were full-size pencils

Source: eva_white

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