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30 Adorable Kitlers Who Are Winning Hearts With Their Hilarious Moustache

Okay, what is a Kitler you may ask? For your information, Kitler is a cute slang that people use to call cats who look like Hitler, and no, they have no intention of invading Poland. Like all other cats, they only want to dominate the world. It probably sounds weird, but these adorable guys are definitely taking the internet by storm now. In fact, these Kitlers are so loved and adored that they even have their own website where you can find all the information you need about the coolest doppelgangers of Adolf Hitler out there!

And if you don’t need too much information, r/Kitler is an interesting community where people share impressive Kitler pics that will surely satisfy your curiosity. The subreddit has racked up over 26k members and brand new faces are introduced there almost every day. Here are 30 of the most pawsome ones we have collected, scroll down and say hello to these charming guys!

#1. I found a Kitler during my walk

Source: PetersJamese

#2. My aunts cat, Charlie

Source: DrProfessor_Z

#3. Kitler in a bowl

Source: cthrnh26

#4. Apparently I own a Kitler!

Source: clumsybutnice

#5. “Yes, from now our conferences be in this format.”

Source: almsd1875

#6. Looks like he enjoys art.

Source: Legal_Imagination895

#7. Rest In Peace to my Kitler girl Chandler. Thank you for a wonderful 15 years.

Source: shaolinblaze

#8. In Hydra island, Greece

Source: aggeliki6

#9. A little long on one side, but this bad boy wants a spot on this sub.

Source: RebelliousCELLious

#10. A person in my discord server’s cat

Source: Crimeboss37

#11. Strangely dangerous-looking Kitler Leviathan

Source: Xanktus

#12. Strangely dangerous-looking Kitler Leviathan

Source: Mediocre-Pepper8376

#13. “Please. Just fluff off.”

Source: buryxtomorrow

#14. “I would like to see your papers, pawlease.”

Source: kensboy31

#15. “Someone told me hed do well on here?”

Source: akbrodey1

#16. I posted him on NotMyCat, it was pointed out to me that he has a very distinct look. Now I can’t unsee it.

Source: tohellwitheverything

#17. I met a Kitler on my way to work

Source: PluszowyPrezes

#18. Here he is, in all his glory

Source: inmyelement/

#19. Big smile Kitler

Source: AnikaSchafer

#20. Kitler camouflaging.

Source: GigglyKittyCat

#21. Kitler is mad

Source: Epicure_BE

#22. Lil Kitler being social!

Source: DevinMaa

#23. Time for breakfast

Source: AkankshaSarwan

#24. Friendly kitten promises not to invade Poland

Source: AgentEntropy

#25. Mr and Mrs Kitler

Source: TajuanaEchols

#26. Sleeping Kitler

Source: habeellmazhar

#27. “Who am I?”

Source: jazcheesecake

#28. Duo Kitler..

Source: AracelyTalbott

#29. He acts like a Right Kitler too.

Source: JenineConrad

#30. My little Kitler

Source: BriarColten

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