Feel The Cringe With These Posts From People Who "Humble Brag" Online

Being humble is always appreciated. But some people feel the urge to express themselves online. So, how to do it without saying you're doing it? Well, some try disguising their statements with self-deprecating words or so to make it looks like a complaint. Nice try! But it just makes others feel even more infuriating. The disguise is not fooling anyone as the underlying purpose is obvious to see.
Subreddit r/HumbleBrag is the exact place where people can find such things like that. We have selected some of those ridiculous posts to present to you in the list below. Maybe most of the people who made those posts wanted to get attention from others, and they indeed succeeded. It's not the best way, but it's still one way. No more talking. Let's scroll down and check them out now.

#1 A humblebrag of the finest quality

Source: LittleBlueBabies

#2 Ughhh, I'm sooeee bad at drawing

Source: starstellastar

#3 She made up a story in order to flex

Source: Sauron3106

#4 You lose touch so fast

Source: komedidoom

#5 This guy has too many friends

Source: BiscuitBoy27

#6 Subtle

Source: sicklyandsour

#7 If only there were a way to prevent this from happening

Source: rumsoakedham

#8 Loves his niece

Source: minor_moods

#9 Woman got called out in a Facebook group for humblebragging about paying for someone’s burger and fries

Source: QuirkyWafer4

#10 Ah Yes

Source: Random_Asian_314

#11 Very pretty girl BTW

Source: kracykutekorean

#12 What a terrible burden I bear, to be so wonderfully fit

Source: Juvant

#13 Feel lucky you "average" looking peasants!

Source: Reddick-Mom

#14 Poor Urvashi ???

Source: Cool_Coconut1754

#15 It’s so hard to clean my big house…

Source: Intelligent-Web-8401

#16 I literally get offers for employment probably five times a week

Source: sparklingoat

#17 How is your father?

Source: pranav230

#18 Dead Inside

Source: Nommoo

#19 Good for you bro

Source: MetaHelvetica

#20 At least they know I'm packing

Source: llamaamahl

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