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Some Of The Strangest Things That Non-Aussies Find Out About Australian Life

If you have ever been to Australia, you’ll see that this land has so many things that make people go crazy about, for both good and bad reasons. Nature here is kind of hostile, with giant spiders and venomous snakes almost everywhere. Apart from that, it’s enjoyable to live in Australia, even for foreigners.

Yeah, life in this land is truly wonderful in its own way. Like, all Australians ride kangaroos around. All the men look like Chris Hemsworth. All the women look like Margot Robbie. And those who don’t, are still quintessentially fit, tan and blonde. Just kidding. These are some of the most common myths about Australian life. But in fact, it’s no less fascinating than this. Check out the list below to see some strange things that surprise foreigners when they come to the land of kangaroos.


#1 This charming little name that makes wet days all the more bearable

Source: mistydemeo

#2 This turn of phrase for when you’re feeling heated and breathless

Source: lindsayb96

#3 This pronunciation which is vastly superior to A-DEE-DAS

Source: sophcw

#4 This upgrade from that gross, traditional sugary-sweet sausage bun

Source: reallycrazykid

#5 This deliciously Aussie name for everyone’s favorite dachshunds

Source: annasquarepants

#6 This fun improvement to the utterly boring name “slides”

Source: ReidParker_

#7 This highly visual metaphor for men’s swimming trunks

Source: twinkspock

#8 This superior name for everyone’s favorite loungewear

Source: devinedeme

#9 This re-spelling of a truly fantastic word

Source: JlASTlN

#10 This quintessential Aussie name for a ciggie

Source: reaayonce

#11 This decidedly emasculating term for what is supposed to be an intimidating gang on wheels

Source: hotolkos

#12 This humble, nostalgic brekky staple that will always have a special place in our hearts

Source: xokobrakai

#13 This naming convention that simply makes sense

Source: YouuForever

#14 This righteous tradition that is probably the only reason anyone looks favorably on Australian politics

Source: RosieScribblah

#15 This iconically Aussie pronunciation of a musical icon

Source: SladeWentworth

#16 This first-time discovery and appreciation of a culinary legend

Source: ProFoxyTV

#17 This savory delight that actually shouldn’t be the cause of so much confusion

Source: NihilistPanther

#18 This tried and tested mantra that keeps us humble in the darkest of days

Source: sally_ayas

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