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20 Of The Most Hilariously Unrealistic Job Requirements People Have Ever Seen

When it comes to job interview experiences, we’re sure that every one of us will have something to tell. Some lucky ones have no struggles when attending an interview and quickly get hired for the job. And there’re also some less fortunate people who cannot make it through.

Of course, to be qualified for a position, there are certain requirements that a candidate needs to satisfy. Usually, they are about major, degree, experience, and health. Some specific positions may require specific criteria from the candidate. And sometimes those requirements seem to go a little too far. Total year of experience of about 50+? Doctoral degree for barista position? We’re not so sure whether HR has no idea about the jobs they are recruiting or they have a strange sense of humor. Anyway, let’s scroll down and have some good laughs from these hilarious job descriptions below. Hope you enjoy.


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