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Touching And Fascinating Photos Of Orangutan Reaching Out To Help Man In River Have Left People In Awe Of Kindness In Animals

When incredible photos of an orangutan trying to help a man in a river were shared online, they went viral and left people in awe of the orangutan’s act of kindness. The photos show the giant beast leaning down to help the man out of the river. Scroll down to enjoy the photos!

Source: Anil Prabhakar

The fascinating sight was captured by an amateur photographer named Anil Prabhakar. The photographer was on a safari with his friends, when he came across a forest warden searching for snakes and clearing them from the river. This is the sworn enemy of primates, especially orangutans.

Source: Anil Prabhakar

As Prabhakar prepared to take a photo, an orangutan reached out his hand to the forest warden, apparently wanting to help him out. However, the man refused to take the animal’s hand as he didn’t want to touch an unfamiliar wild animal.

Source: Anil Prabhakar

“Someone told him there was a snake in the river. The warden went there and cleared the bushes. An orangutan came to the banks and was watching what he was doing. He then came closer and gave his hand. The warden just moved away. I asked him why later and he said: ‘It’s a wild animal, not one we are familiar with’. But they are to protect them,” ” Prabhakar recalled.

Source: bornean_OU

The forest warden is one of volunteers at a non-profit organization called Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. It was founded in 1991, is currently caring for 650 orangutans.

Source: bornean_OU

“By protecting orangutans in their natural habitat, a whole plethora of other flora and fauna are also protected. Protecting their forest habitat is as important to humans as much as it is to wildlife,” the foundation’s website states.

Source: bornean_OU

Watch the adorable video of the employees teaching orphaned orangutans learn to be aware of snakes:

More info: twitter.com | Instagram

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