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Some Of The Worst And Funniest Hotels That People Have Ever Experienced

It may sound ridiculous, but sometimes you need a lot of fortune to possibly get a hotel room or an Airbnb that is exactly what showed on the internet or in advertising. Booking is like a lottery. You may have so many expectations before the holiday, enjoying the fresh air and fantastic sea view from your room’s window. But you end up getting a room that literally has a wall view, and it’s too late to change to another hotel. Your fancy trip is, painfully, ruined.

People share the worst and funniest hotels they’ve ever experienced, and we have rounded up some in the collection below. Some of them can be called horrible, but some are so hilarious. You will realize that it’s risky to believe in any deals that sound out of this world. Check out the pics to have fun, and remember to carefully read the feedback about the hotels before deciding to pay the money.

#1. “These Stairs At Our Hotel”

Image source: Zvek_Eagle

#2. “Flat Carpet In A Hotel In Cologne, Germany Imitating A Curvy Surface”

Image source: Majoranese

#3. “My Hotel’s “Pool Area””

Image source: Johnoplata

#4. “I Reserved An Airbnb With A Sea View. Can’t Complain”

Image source: weully

#5. “The Cleaner At The Hotel In Egypt, Made This Towel-Monkey, And Dressed It In My Used Boxers”

Image source: andydith

#6. “The Pool At My Hotel In Birmingham, Alabama. Yes, Those Are Toilets”

Image source: jasonsmithatlanta

#7. “This Picture In The Hotel Lobby Looks Like Pubes”

Image source: Big_Boss_1000

#8. “The Bathroom In Our Airbnb Was Rather Small”

Image source: nevernomuffintops

#9. “It Looks Like The Hotel Cart Ran Someone Over And Is Tracking Their Blood Through The Halls”

Image source: Nick_Coffin

#10. “Don’t Wake Anybody Up If You’re Exiting The Motel During A Fire”

Image source: Coffee4MySoul

#11. “From A French Airbnb Alternative”

Image source: robot_accomplice

#12. “This Hotel Bathroom “Tile” Wall Is Actually Just Numerous Pictures Of Denim-Clad Butts”

Image source: ChristieIsBored

#13. “Hair Dryer And Shower Combo In Cairo Hotel”

Image source: Vast-Comfortable

#14. “The Fitness Room At The Hotel I Stayed At”

Image source: PineBadger

#15. “Girlfriends View From The Bed Of Our Hotel Room”

Image source: Jack6169

#16. “I Raise You My Hotel Pool In Jeju Circa 2017”

Image source: Shents

#17. “This Hotel Bathroom”

Image source: I_watch

#18. “Went To A Hotel, Paid Extra For A Room With A Bigger TV”

Image source: OfficialFaabs

#19. “Apparently Our Hotel Took Our Request For A Mini-Fridge Very Literally. Banana For Scale”

Image source: MeddlingMike

#20. “Asked My Driver To Take Me To A Cheap Hotel, Found This On The Room Door”

Image source: tastes_like_thumbs

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