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25 Times People Did Not Realize That Their Edited Photos Were Unacceptably Bad

Browsing social media every day, we all know that these platforms are full of fake photos. Chasing virtually flawless looks and perfect lives, many people photoshop their pics to fool other internet users. It’s okay that you want to have a fancier appearance, just please know the limits. Nevertheless, some persons have no shame when taking several steps too far in photo editing as if no one could see they are ridiculously unreal.

Even when being caught faking their photos countless times, some people (most of them are influencers) still casually post unacceptably terrible pics on their accounts. It is disturbing, but honestly, those photoshop fails can sometimes become a great source of entertainment for us. People share hilarious over-photoshopped pics they spotted on the internet, and we have rounded up some of the worst and funniest ones in the list below. Check them out!

#1. “I Can’t Even…”

Image source: sinmantky

#2. *Gasp*

Image source: princessofawfulcourt

#3. “The Gift That Keeps On Giving!”

Image source: Garden_Jose

#4. “She’s Not Fooling Anyone With That Steering Wheel”


#5. “Yeah, No”

Image source: lrdkira

#6. “What The Hell”

Image source: hrafi1

#7. “Happy Holidays!”

Image source: aya5810

#8. “Instagram vs. Video Screenshot”

Image source: WinterPlanet

#9. “Had This Saved As Inspiration To Lose Weight When Struggling With An Eating Disorder. Now, I Can’t Believe I Never Noticed The Water Bending Around Her Waist”

Image source: daziesandconfuzed

#10. “Eyes, Skin, Cheekbones… So Natural Looking”

Image source: TA8601

#11. “I Literally Have No Words…”

Image source: 092mlk

#12. “Blursed Rich Man”

Image source: Lord_Marshal_x

#13. “Where Do I Begin?”

Image source: WinterPlanet

#14. “The Mirror Always Seems To Expose These People”

Image source: ErraticSherlockian

#15. “Angles Change People”

Image source: Tuii145

#16. “She’s 50 Years Old And Photoshops Herself To Look Like She’s In Her Late 20s. Women, There Is Nothing Wrong With Looking Your Age. You’re Not Expected To Look Like A 20 Year Old Forever”

Image source: peroxidexo

#17. “I Thought People Had More Sense Than To Believe This Is Real, But She Popped Up On My Feed Because Friends Of Mine Shared Images Like This As “Goals””

Image source: zephaone

#18. “He Forgot To Photoshop The iPhone Box’s Shadow”

Image source: empenarede

#19. “Can‘t Believe How She Thinks That’s Acceptable”

Image source: anywayhey

#20. “I Guess She Thought No One Would Notice Her Editing If She Blurred Out Her Surroundings”

Image source: Sapph1re

#21. “No Filter” But Instagram Says Otherwise At The Top

Image source: lilteccasglock

#22. “So Hot, The Car Melted”

Image source: exoticed

#23. “This Sub Summarized In A Picture”

Image source: MaddieThePie

#24. “A Strong One”

Image source: mr_kord

#25. “All Her Pictures Look Like This”

Image source: kentucky_bunny

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