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16 Times Straight People Manage To Forget The Existence Of Gay People

First to say, being gay is not a sin. In recent years, the LGBTQ+ group has become known to more and more people. Of course, it’s not that gay people just suddenly show up in this 21st century, they were there all the time. In the past, there were many cases of same-sex affairs but they were mistakenly reported as friendships or something like that. Maybe the concept of ‘gay’ wasn’t popular at that time, so historians just didn’t know how to define those relationships. And yet, even now, many people still have no idea about 3rd gender people.

The subreddit r/sapphoandherfriend is dedicated to collecting the most egregious examples of gay erasure, from the smallest to the most noticeable ones. It’s just so hilarious how straight people mindlessly erase gay people from existence. Now, scroll down and check out those embarrassing moments in the list below.


#1. Like, Get It Together, Historians

Image source: Trey_Explainer

#2. Not Enough Eye-Roll Emojis

Image source: jje414

#3. The Person Who Thought Their Coworker Just Like Rainbows A Lot

Image source: finnsatch

#4. This Person Who Just Saw A Couple Of Bros

Image source: Synera

#5. Classic Straight Friends

Image source: boredtransdinosaur

#6. Hanging Out

Image source: mkg_reader

#7. The Dog’s Name Reveals It All

Image source: Wisdom_Pen

#8. How Do We Break It To Him?

Image source: lewis_von_altaccount

#9. Medical Classmates

Image source: jackiantonovich

#10. Just Friends Being Buried Together

Image source: jaeagrrl

#11. “Great Friendship”

Image source: womenlovebot

#12. Classic Unmarried Aunt

Image source: iknowplacesmp6

#13. Scarf Collection

Image source: calebsaysthings

#14. What Else Could It Be?

Image source: joshlukedavis

#15. Do Close Friends Kiss?

Image source: justlaurnow

#16. The Guy In This Scenario

Image source: feralsapphic

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