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Funny Times People Were Scared To Death By Inanimate Things

Even when you never watch horror movies to know how creepy the characters are, or you don’t believe that ghosts really exist in this world, one day you might suddenly be freaked out in the middle of the night by a horrifying shadow haunting near your window. And at that point, you start to think that ghosts are real. But when things come to light, you realize that it’s not something scary but just a jacket you hung there before and you forgot it. You let out a very long breath in relief and remind yourself not to be so faint-hearted next time.

Actually, that half laughing, half crying situation is not abnormal and a lot of people have experienced it. They share many times they were scared to death by inanimate things, and we’ve rounded up some of the funniest ones in the list below. You may be surprised that some ordinary small things like a coat, gloves, or a picture can give you a heart attack the first time you accidentally see it. Let’s check!

#1. “This Ultrasound Photo Scared My Husband”

Image source: squidills

#2. “I Put My Son In A Halloween Onesie Without Thinking Much About It And Gave Myself A Heart Attack At 2AM”

Image source: LadyJane17

#3. “When You Walk In Your Room And Have A Mild Heart Attack”

Image source: pooptime1

#4. “I Had A Mini Heart Attack When I Saw This. Spotted In NYC”

Image source: bmagnusson

#5. “These Bacon Slices Look Like An Evil Clown…”

Image source: jtronicustard

#6. “That Spooked The Sh*t Out Of Me”

Image source: frex4

#7. “Jacket Looks Like A Creepy AF Nun”

Image source: littlefoot2080

#8. “My Wife Had A Mini Heart Attack As We Drove Past This House. Nobody Lives There”

Image source: Its_Obvi_PShopped

#9. “Housemate Was Drying His Fishing Waders. Almost Had To Add The Pants I Was Wearing To The Laundry Pile I Was Carrying After I Opened The Door”

Image source: jabrah15

#10. “Scared Me When He Moved”

Image source: IshanHaq

#11. “Wife Left The Gloves To Dry, I Almost Had A Heart Attack”

Image source: RoninGR

#12. “Whoever Did This Gave Me A Heart Attack”

Image source: JamesPKP

#13. “Long Dog With A Section Missing”

Image source: esquonk

#14. “The Snail In Our Office Fish Tank Freaked Me Out Today”

Image source: Tyranitard

#15. “I Didn’t Realize My Wife Left The Kids’ Presents In The Car Until I Checked The Rear View Mirror”

Image source: Apatharas

#16. “So Last Night I Was Positive There Was A Ghost Baby In The Bed With My Son. I Was So Freaked Out, I Barely Slept. It Turns Out My Husband Just Forgot To Put The Mattress Protector On When He Changed The Sheets.”

Image source: Maritza Elizabeth


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