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Unlucky People Share One Of Their Worst Days In Life And Honestly They Are Hilarious

We’re all aware that everything won’t go smoothly according to our expectations all the time. We suffer from bad days once in a while, and it’s ordinary. At least, however, none of us hopes that some unlucky things will happen to us all of a sudden. Yet, it’s inevitable. We experience some unfortunate moments in life that no one is willing to deal with, and actually, we just can’t help it.

Sometimes, you are full of energy in the morning and think that today will be a great day since you are feeling all good. Until the moment you spill your coffee on your white shirt, and you realize that it’s so easy for your day to be ruined. It’s just bad, but we find many people out there are in the same situations, so you’re not alone.

In this post, we’ve rounded up some stories of people who experienced their terrible days, and you may find these so relatable, hilarious as well. Maybe we’re so upset at the time luckless stuff interrupt our lives, yet somehow we may have a big laugh recalling them. Let’s check!

#1. “I Have Lost One Piece Of This 2000 Pieces Puzzle”

Image source: Voytaouta

#2. “I Cleaned The Cat’s Litter Box And Brought The Bag With Me To Throw Away In My Outdoor Trash Can On The Way To Work. I Also Brought My Lunch. Guess Which One Got Thrown Away And Which One Came To Work With Me”

Image source: Eric264

#3. “I Need A File Lost In This Room”

Image source: almeldin

#4. “Someone Forgot To Tighten The Hopper On The Corn Train”

Image source: tibiapartner

#5. “My Dad’s Old Truck Got Hit By A Truck Carrying Old Rotten Potato Slurry To A Feed Lot For Cows. His Passenger Window Was Down”

Image source: Dixo0118

#6. “Hiked Two Hours To Set Up A Picnic, Returned To This”

Image source: Jaminator97

#7. “This Is The Worst Picture Ever Taken Of Me”

Image source: TurnipTimeMyGuys

#8. “It Was A Great Day Till This Moment”

Image source: pp0787

#9. “When The Bakers Make The Mix Wrong And Don’t Realize Yeast Doesn’t Just Stop Working Because It’s In A Dumpster”

Image source: TELME3

#10. “My Brother, On The Ride Home From Picking Up His New Puppy”

Image source: f**kscotty

#11. “Somebody Didn’t Strap The Egg Trolleys In Properly On The Truck. 10,500 Eggs Broken”

Image source: yourmate24

#12. “Friend Of Mine Posted This Photo Of The Job Site Today”

Image source: rabaful

#13. “Feeling Like Kevin From The Office Right Now”

Image source: GoAwayK

#14. “It’s Just A Little Ice, It’s Fine”

Image source: mikemike26

#15. “The Printer Exploded”

Image source: joshdyson

#16. “Last Week I Seeded My Lawn. Just Wanted To Share The Progress It’s Made So Far”

Image source: QuadrigaCX_

#17. “Forgot My Headphones On The Ground While The Roomba Was Running”

Image source: Shiby92

#18. “I Accidentally Put My Leather Gloves In The Washing Machine”

Image source: gene100001

#19. “Was Looking Forward To Having Some Nice Bread From A Local Bakery”

Image source: TheWrigglerr

#20. “Lost My Wallet 3 Days Ago, Finally Ordered New Cards And Then”

Image source: dragonboy2734

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