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20 Funny Examples Of Pizza Employee’s Responses To Their Customer’s Special Requests

Pizza is one of the most popular food these days, and the reason is so simple – it’s delicious. Fatty, sweet, rich, and complex, pizza has all of those components. There are numerous restaurants for you to conveniently order your pizza, no need to go out. Those restaurants not only serve you tasty pizza, but they also know how to bring their customers a good laugh. When you order pizza online, there is a special section where you can add your requests. Many people ask for a joke or something fun in the box. And the pizza restaurants take advantage of showing their sense of humor.

We have piled up a hilarious list of times people got satisfying responses from pizza employees for their requests. Sometimes they are so surprised by the creativity of such humorous staff. Scroll down to check. These pics will surely put a smile on your face, and you may probably pick your phone up and order a pizza.

#1. “Maybe I should call Pizza Hut and get them fired…”

Image source: Sotigoz

#2. “They listened, they finally listened…”

Image source: AnonymousTowel

#3. “Write a joke on the inside of the pizza box”

Image source: alinarodriguez_

#4. “Before I left work, customer made an order asking for a “panda riding a giraffe while holding a red solo cup on the box”

Image source: dissolvesmusic

#5. “For months I’ve asked for someone to draw a kitty on my pizza box. Today, I finally got it. I am definitely amused!”

Image source: bitesizedspider

#6. “My roommate asked the pizza delivery gal to “write something funny.”

Image source: Kirkdoesntlivehere

#7. “A guy asked us to write on his pizza box “something to cheer up my girlfriend.” Wonder how that went?”

Image source: immeimme

#8. “Asked for socially awkward penguin on pizza box.”

Image source: Skedoozy

#9. “I deliver pizza part time. Somebody ordered online with the instructions “Draw A Classy Cat”

Image source: Mpnature

#10. “Ordered a pizza and asked them to draw a giraffe. They nailed it.”

Image source: JonHemstreet

#11. “Asked for a joke inside my Pizza box. Was not Disappointed.”

Image source: PandalfTheGrey

#12. “We ordered a pizza from dominos and asked if they could draw something cool on box. Well done Dominoes”

Image source: jstephens2482

#13. “I work at Domino’s and was asked to draw a Spongebob meme”

Image source: Killerbees99

#14. “Asked the pizza place to write me a joke on the box, they delivered!”

Image source: ALegitimatelyCoolGuy

#15. “When you put “send nudes” in the Pizza Hut delivery instructions…”

Image source: Occasional-Win

#16. “I asked Pizza Hut to draw a funny picture on my pizza box and this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen”

Image source: payton_pesina24

#17. “Asked the pizza delivery guy to draw a space cat on the pizza box”

Image source: adreacope

#18. “Please draw a cute heart on the pizza box”

Image source: aroused_browser

#19. “I asked them to draw a dinosaur on the box.”

Image source: spitting_venom

#20. “Buddy of mine asked the pizza place for a joke in the box. This is what he got”

Image source: TheCChamby

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