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This Cat Has The Cutest Way To Demand Food Whenever He Wants Some

It’s no secret that cats are masters of attention-seeking art, but to be honest, this charming kitty has taken this game to a whole new level! No scratching, no meowing out loud, no body-rubbing, no bringing fancy presents needed. He is just being the most real version of himself, and he will definitely get what he wants.

Image source: screenshot / walter santi

D’Artagnan is a cat like no other. He can perform lovely footwork dance moves, and he can demand food like a pro. Whenever he’s hungry, the hilarious boy would show up at his owner’s door and stare blankly inside until he is well fed. In other words, he’s simply using the power of his cuteness.

Image source: screenshot / walter santi

D’Artagnan is currently living with a dozen of other outdoor cats and three indoor cats under the same roof, but he’s the only one to come up with such a funny method to fill his stomach. That’s also the reason why his owner calls him “the starting cat”.

Image source: screenshot / walter santi

“In the mornings, when he hears the sound of me unlocking the front door, he immediately takes up his position and starts asking for food by staring into my soul. This has become our daily routine,” his owner shared.

Let’s take a peek at this humorous boy:

That amusing expression isn’t the only reason why D’Artagnan is so loved.

This boy is just too cute for words!

Such manner tho!

He has such a laid-back demeanor.

We don’t do that here.

Don’t waste our time!

If you find D’Artagnan adorable and want to see some more, check out his bittersweet love story with the neighbor girl! And of course, don’t forget to share this uplifting story with your loved ones as well.

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