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Sometimes Books Have Terrible Covers That People Have To Share Them Online

Did you ever refuse to buy a book just because its cover was so terrible? I mean the design is the first thing that people look at, but the designers of these books somehow managed to create them so silly and badly. Many of us at least once heard about “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, yet it doesn’t always true for every book, actually.

Some (or maybe many) books have covers that are just so bad. Those even made someone start a subreddit named r/TerribleBookCovers where people can share any bad book cover they ever saw. The group has attracted over 20 thousand members and you can find numerous photos of books that are poorly designed in ridiculous ways there. Check out some of the funniest ones in the collection below.

#1. “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover, Even If It Is A Collage Of Jpegs”

Image source: SpahsgonnaSpah

#2. “My Librarian Wife Always Has Interesting Finds”

Image source: johnc98

#3. “Do Your Kids Suffer From Nightmares? No, Not Yet? Well This Should Help A Lot”

Image source: CrazyBooyy

#4. “The Very Hungry Cthulupillar”

Image source: LuciferJonez

#5. “Kissing The Coronavirus (Coronavirus Erotica?!)”

Image source: bookdepository1

#6. “Everything About This Is Terrible”

Image source: henrikst1

#7. “It’s Worth A Look!”

Image source: reginaldVince

#8. “Found This In A Doctors Office A Few Years Ago. I Think About This Way Too Much”

Image source: UndeniablyCake

#9. “The Hobbit”

Image source: Chtorrr

#10. “How Ironic”

Image source: Redwards426

#11. “I’m Just Waiting For The Film Adaptation”

Image source: tabitha21

#12. “When Your Mom Tells You To Get A Real Job, But You Double Down Trying To Prove You Can Start That Cult You Always Said You Would…”

Image source: savage0ne1

#13. “Call Him Xi Dada”

Image source: MVpizzaprincess

#14. “Browsing Through Books At A Thrift Store, Um…”

Image source: sophiaross

#15. “Woof? I Feel So Empty”

Image source: LovelyWetBrat

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