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17 Of The Most Useless Instructions Ever That Help No One

The instructions are made to serve one purpose only. It’s to make sure people can use or do a thing properly. For this reason, instructions must be made to be clear and simple, but this is not always the case. Sometimes people are given crappy instructions that do nothing helpful at all.

On the list below, we have compiled up some of the most hilariously bad instructions that are totally useless. People who get those pro tips must be confused. Anyway, it’s funny to see those ridiculous pieces of advice. People can at least have a good laugh at their misfortunes. So now, scroll down and check them out.


#1. If Yours Doesn’t Look Like This You Have Failed

Image source: KierBear18

#2. This Only Works For Drawing Frogs

Image source: lil-monster3008

#3. Ah Yes, The Original Position

Image source: limeyginger

#4. Bridal Updon’t

Image source: Pizzacanzone

#5. Change Something

Image source: gray_jacket

#6. Fix Mistakes By Not Making Them

Image source: Braindeadfiend

#7. The Stork Makes More Sense

Image source: Totesrealnewsyo

#8. Didn’t Even Bother Putting Them In Color Either

Image source: Zarking716

#9. Wreaths Are Mostly Bows

Image source: cannedgreatness

#10. Stuck At Step 2

Image source: meganlizzie

#11. Easy As 1-2-Huh?

Image source: shanster925

#12. You’re Doing It Wrong. You’re Still Doing It Wrong.

Image source: pandaroni

#13. Retire At 38 By Being Already Rich

Image source: Snapped_Marathon

#14. And Step 1: Choose The Right Type Of Potato

Image source: nullspace_industries

#15. Take Two Three Four Times A Day

Image source: ForeverAReposter

#16. Very Helpful Shadow Of Mordor Hint

Image source: SunkenLoki

#17. My University’s Tips On How To WWrite An Essay

Image source: lordofdunshire

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