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Car Owners Share Their Worst Day With Their Car

At times you will have some problems with your car such as flat tires, warning lights, dead battery, alternator failure, overheating, and so on. And you may think they are the worst things that can happen to your car. But if you see this post, you will realize that those problems are just nothing compared to the ones that these people got while driving.

The members of the r/Wellthatsucks/ subreddit are sharing their worst car-related problems and some of them are just “crazy” enough to amaze you, somehow in a hilarious way. Everything can easily go wrong without your anticipation. Although people here got in trouble with their cars, they luckily were all safe to share with us these unfortunate but funny pictures. Let’s check!

#1. “Bird Dropped A Catfish Onto Car Windshield”

Image source: justinator5

#2. “Well, That Sucks”

Image source: INeedAFreeUsername

#3. “My Wheels Fell Off While Driving”

Image source: TheStudentChef

#4. “This Happened To My Car Today!”

Image source: telumindel

#5. “Garbage Truck Caught Fire Then Exploded In My Driveway. 2 Of Our Cars Damaged, 1 Totally. The Siding On Our House Melted Off, But Everyone Is Safe”

Image source: Seraphicpetal1

#6. “Mclaren Inside A Dealership Gets Hit By A Loose Truck Wheel”

Image source: Overused_Anus

#7. “When You Try To Open Your Eyes In The Morning, But The Sand Is Holding Them Together”

Image source: Cinema7D

#8. “My Dad’s Old Truck Got Hit By A Truck Carrying Old Rotten Potato Slurry To A Feed Lot For Cows. His Passenger Window Was Down”

Image source: Dixo0118

#9. “Someone Appears To Have Lost Their Focus…”

Image source: human-redditor

#10. “A Boulder Fell On My In-Laws Car In Idyllwild CA”

Image source: drdrehey

#11. “When You’re Out For A Nice Sunday Drive”

Image source: holdmybrew1

#12. “Car Crashed And A Parking Ticket”

Image source: einarmani

#13. “Pumpkin Shot 900 Ft Into A Car At A Local Pumpkin Launching Event”

Image source: turnip_for_what_

#14. “Picked My Car Up From The Mechanic Yesterday After Having A Bunch Of Things Replaced Totalling $2100 Just To Have Burst Into Flames On Me This Morning. I’m Too Poor For This S***!”

Image source: dogknot43

#15. “I Never Thought Lighting Could Strike A Car”

Image source: liketo_kayak

#16. “A Truck Carrying A Tank Of White Paint Dropped It On The Road”

Image source: TAS8008

#17. “It’s Not Just Junk Flying Out Of Your Truck. It Could Be Someone’s Life. Secure Your Load – As If Someone You Love Is Driving Behind You”

Image source: GallowBoob

#18. “These Guys Locked Their Keys In An Armoured Truck”

Image source: sketchybutter

#19. “Newly Wedded In Front Of Their Burning Car”

Image source: Ste93E

#20. “Getting A Speeding Ticket On Your Car As It’s Being Towed”

Image source: livinginneverland

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