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Baby Koala Has Cute Photoshoot For Her 1st Birthday, And Her Photos Melt Everyone’s Heart

Meet Imogen, a cute baby koala joey who currently lives at Symbio Wildlife Park in New South Wales, Australia. When she was 1 year old, she took the Internet by storm thanks to her cute and sweet birthday photoshot. As ​the park came with this idea, they just wanted to look back on her life thus far and never thought that it would absolutely win over everyone’s heart.

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Although Imogen is living a happy and healthy life, she had tough times in the past. When she was only a couple of months old, her mom passed away from leukemia. From that point she was adopted and hand-raised by the staff at the park. Despite having such tough times to be through, Imogen is always happy and playful. She never fails to impress and delight everyone she meets.

Source: Symbio Wildlife Park

Not only did Symbio Wildlife Park share Imogen’s birthday photoshot, but they also shared a lovely behind-the-scenes footage from her very first photoshoot. Needless to say, the video quickly has gone viral and gained everyone’s attention.

Source: Symbio Wildlife Park

Watch Imogen’s video here:

Looking her photos, you can see Imogen is a total pro in front of the camera. She is definitely a happy koala in her home at the Symbio Wildlife Park! Her caretakers are so lucky as they can cuddle with this adorable creature!

Source: Symbio Wildlife Park

Source: Symbio Wildlife Park

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