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25 Pets Who Love Nothing More Than Disobeying Their Owners And Driving Them Mad

16. “This is what I just came home to.”

17. Big fan of puzzles!

18. It’s not hard to tell who’s the boss in this house.

19. “Aw, you said no more TV?”

20. “Finn insists on lying on my head.”

21. “This bird keeps pecking the window and shouting at me while I’m trying to work.”

22. “This little menace just loves to bite my toothpaste tube.”

23. “Caught the little criminal!”

24. “Forgot to close the lid.”

25. “He thought I needed a new scarf.”

Which mischievous mishap made you laugh the most? Tell us your answers and don’t forget to share your funny stories and photos of your pets with us in the comments below!


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