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20 Pics Of Poor Design That Are Disasters Waiting To Happen

Nothing is perfect, to be sure. Designs are not an exception and we all know that. Sometimes, we may come across some cases of design that are not so good but at the very least they can be used for certain purposes without any harm to the users. Sadly, some product designers still create things that can put consumers in danger, for whatever reason. And then a subreddit named r/DangerousDesigns was created to document the poor designs exactly as its name.

The members of the community frequently share pics of the most dangerous designs that can be called disasters waiting to happen. These will make people wonder if these designers were aware of what they just did when completing their products. Scrolling through the list below to see some of the most popular posts shared on this subreddit.

#1. “Step Out Of A Bathtub Down A Flight Of Stairs, Anyone?”

Image source: TheLoneGinger9

#2. “Sorry, Wheelchair Users!”

Image source: dancingpianofairy

#3. “This Architect Accidentally Built A Death Ray That Melts Cars And Fries Eggs… Again”

Image source: badsalad

#4. “In The 1930s You Could Buy Artificial Snow Made Out Of 100% Asbestos”

Image source: philms

#5. “I Love My Country, But Sometimes…”

Image source: 404_GravitasNotFound

#6. “Seems Legit…”

Image source: Phrastou

#7. “Bruh”

Image source: abyigit

#8. “I Mean The Potential Is There”

Image source: Wafflestompingpro

#9. “Almost Pulled A Michael Scott While Delivering Groceries Today”

Image source: Samxvalle

#10. “The Cannonball Loop Waterslide, A Slide So Dangerous It Was Shutdown Almost Immediately After Opening”

Image source: metricrules

#11. “Almost Did It, Too”

Image source: Adecker100

#12. “Branding Is Everything”

Image source: sfxnesh476

#13. “Similar Design, One Can Kill And One Tastes Good”

Image source: 67tap

#14. “We’ll See”

Image source: Kombatgirl

#15. “Children’s Playground In 1912”

Image source: robabl

#16. “May Have Been Posted Before But This Is Pure Insanity”

Image source: Timmymac1000

#17. “Staircase Beautified With Loose Boulders And A Broken Pelvis”

Image source: SteveCalloway

#18. “This Hair Bleach…”

Image source: Antoan565

#19. “Hmm?”

Image source: awakening137

#20. “This 1955 Device For Smoking A Whole Packet Of Cigarettes At Once”

Image source: Nightstar95

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