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20 Times Designers Fail Hilariously At Their Job

Designers tend to do something new to make their work more professional or special. And that word “special” you can understand in both ways. Normally, it’s great, amazing, awesome that make people are full of admiration. Or, it just terribly fails as a disaster that the designers even get shamed on the internet. Well, can you imagine how “special” those works are?

If not, let’s take a look at the list that we’ve rounded up below. The subreddit r/CrappyDesign is a place that people submit really bad designs and most subscribers come here for entertainment. Scroll down to see 20 times that designers screw up so badly. These designers of course don’t have bad intentions, but their designs turn out to be better at entertaining people rather than performing the tasks that they were supposed to do.

#1. “This One Was A Real Brain Teaser”

Image source: demostheneze

#2. “This Kid Mannequin”

Image source: Cnmbnmya

#3. “A Bag Of Apples With A Character On It That Got Poisoned By An Apple”

Image source: reddit.com

#4. “I Was Having A Good Day Until I Went To The Supermarket”

Image source: -The-Goat

#5. “Be Positive?”

Image source: whynotfart

#6. “Toilet Seat Makes It Looks Like Someone Didn’t Quite Make It”

Image source: PanthermalUnderwear

#7. “Hey High School Bulldog, Meet My High School Wildcat”

Image source: seycerebrum

#8. “Our Municiplaity Made Bike Lanes For Us Finally!”

Image source: sarsina

#9. “These Benches At My University Are Tilted Back And Have No Drainage System, So The Water Just Sits There For Up To Days After A Rainstorm”

Image source: reddit.com

#10. “I Thought It Was A Horribly Stained Mattress Until I Focused On The Details”

Image source: dweebiest

#11. “These Mannequin Faces That Look Like They Want To K*ll You”

Image source: reddit.com

#12. “Ballroom Where Everyone Downstairs Can See Up Your Skirt”

Image source: crudolph0828

#13. “Sandwich Board Advertising Seniors Day – Unfortunate Fastener Placement”

Image source: bycrackybygum

#14. “All The Privacy You Need”

Image source: reddit.com

#15. “How Do You Like Your Windows?”

Image source: —-0000000——-

#16. “10 Year Old Me Lighting Up Any Room In The Sims”

Image source: SilverSkilo

#17. “Modern Living Condo For Sale. 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1/4 Kitchen”

Image source: SlaughterheartMagus

#18. “How Not To Sell Birds In A Museum Shop”

Image source: Rooscuro

#19. “Healthy Smoothies For Everyone”

Image source: mattlepro21

#20. “This Bowl Looks Like It’s Perpetually Dirty”

Image source: Floating_Neck

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