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The Reason Why Cat Loaf Is A Thing, Explained Through 30 Adorable Cat Pics

Cats are hands down the kings of both hilarious memes and unbearable cute pics. They have long been dominating the Internet and for some reason, we just can’t get enough of these naughty, mischievous yet sweet, endearing felines. Anywhere they go, anything they do, they never fail to capture our hearts even with the simplest acts that they nonchalantly do, for example loafing. Yes, cat loaf is indeed a thing, and there’s a huge community on Reddit that was created to celebrate and honor it.

Before visiting Leaves of Cats for more, just scroll down and enjoy the 30 irresistibly adorable cat loaf pictures we have collected for you!

#1. Contented Luna loaf in the new house.

Image source: rja49

#2. An evening loaf on the loveseat.

Image source: RedBeard514

#3. Tori is our meditation loaf.

Image source: MadCapLaughs1979

#4. The queen of Siam. In full loaf.

Image source: mizcap72

#5. Lilo being a cute little loaf.

Image source: lalaRoos

#6. Cat loaf cooling by the window.

Image source: JeremyMo88

#7. I loaf to go with your coffee.

Image source: chunkycow

#8. A friendly reminder to NEVER bake your loaf in the microwave. Mine just ended up burnt on the outside but somehow raw in the middle.

Image source: DrCactus14

#9. Laploaf.

Image source: Ander-son

#10. Just loafing around.

Image source: Box7585

#11. Went shopping with my brother and dad and found her loafing away.

Image source: Highlander0304

#12. Caramel swirl loaf.

Image source: kerryshen

#13. The loaf sleeps tonight.

Image source: Inside_Click_183

#14. Meowscuse me!

Image source: meowskaya

#15. She loves the basket on windowsill.

Image source: YorkshireFoxy

#16. Loaf wants to loaf, or else.

Image source: scribblekitties

#17. Two loaves loafing.

Image source: heychikadee

#18. Apparently I’m interrupting his loafing time.

Image source: RegretOk4656

#19. Woke up to this.

Image source: CommanderCRM

#20. Finn the Loafing Cat.

Image source: tkdchampion8

#21. 4 smol loafs in one smol corner.

Image source: GreekNemesus

#22. Freshly baked whole wheat loaf.

Image source: Dr_Biscuitss

#23. Wreckin’ loaf.

Image source: AllAboutPizza1246

#24. My Siamese baby loaf.

Image source: Warriergirl_3

#25. Tucked in loaf.

Image source: kristioppa

#26. Flat loaf that is well risen and a croissant.

Image source: rujosi

#27. Loaf and eggs for breakfast.

Image source: suekachuu

#28. A wild loaf seems to have sprouted in my flowerpot.

Image source: Nyrenthiaa

#29. The supermodel loaf.

Image source: Warriergirl_3

#30. Tree stump loaf.

Image source: JamWat23

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