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People Share Their Dumbest Tattoos And They Are So Funny

Getting a tattoo is no joke. Because as you know, tattoos will last forever, and not every tattooist can put the right tattoo on your skin as you expected. It means that you must be very very careful when you consider getting one if you don’t want a stupid thing to stay with you for the rest of your life. You can cover it with something else, of course, but no one can make sure whether it will make your former one dumber or not.

Not long ago, a TikTok user shared a story about the silly tattoo she got, and then many other users joined the post with their own. Scroll through the list below, and you’ll find these dumb tattoos so funny. Enjoy!

#1. Hmmm

Image source: ocean3883

#2. This dolphin has legs

Image source: palomadhp

#3. Hahaha

Image source: alicjafg1

#4. It’s silly but funny

Image source: 4lanski_oss

#5. What’s that?

Image source: thewojak

#6. A cute pig?

Image source: mk5_luke

#7. Tearex, lol

Image source: impau2699

#8. Jump

Image source: _iamkimmy

#9. Can’t imagine why, but it’s really dumb lmao

Image source: abbydabby39

#10. Hi

Image source: helloethhehe

#11. Lmaooo

Image source: austin7111996

#12. Hey

Image source: alinkatrofimova

#13. Okay, a can of beans

Image source: sharimsharimsharim

#14. “Don’t get a free tattoo”

Image source: xxoshorty

#15. Speechless

Image source: wakaflockafloccar

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