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People Share Their Worst Days Through 22 Pics

On occasions, we experience some days that almost everything seems not to work out, and we call them bad days. But there are days that the word “bad” does not enough to explain our feeling for what happened to us. It’s just so horrible that you may feel like the end of the world. And you are very lucky if you do not have any terrible day like that.

In the post, we’ve piled up 22 pictures of people sharing the worst days they had. Someone spilled 50,000 2mm glass beads on the ground and had to sort them by hand, or a woman used the shredder before realizing that there was an envelope of cash on her desk, and the result was all the money was cut into pieces. We feel sorry for the people, but these pics are so funny, to be honest. Check them out.

#1. “When You Come Home And Your House Doesn’t Smell Like Pot Roast”

Image source: HomerTigerBoo

#2. “You Ever Mess Up Burgers So Bad That Even Your Grill Is Surprised?”

Image source: Bloodycrabs

#3. “Just Set Up New Monitor, Chair Slipped Under Me And I Hit The Desk, And Monitor Fell And Broke. Happy Friday”

Image source: Shanghai_Pete

#4. “No Explanation Needed”

Image source: IRatherChangeMyName

#5. “Dropped My Full Can Of Tuna In The Drain”

Image source: CheesecakeGlock

#6. “This Vet Trip Is Off To A Bad Start”

Image source: MiddleFroggy

#7. “Didn’t Realize One Of My Glove Fingers Broke Until I Was Done Dyeing My Hair”

Image source: fibbybritches

#8. “When Your Cabinet Decides It’s Time To Break Lose And Come Crashing Down The Day You Install Your Brand New Glass Top Stove”

Image source: thorisadog

#9. “My 12 Year Old, Allergic To Nearly Everything”

Image source: airlee77

#10. “I Got This Bread From Whole Foods. More Like Hole Foods”

Image source: igothitbyacar

#11. “My Multi-Million Dollar Health Care Company Said They Were Getting Us A Present For Being Essential Workers. We Got A Baggie Of Masks”

Image source: Keywork29

#12. “Someone In Australia Was Tying Their Shoe When A Fire Bombing Plane Had To Drop Their Load Due To Turbulence”

Image source: nerdroberts

#13. “My Boss Didn’t Realize That There Was An Envelope Of Cash On Her Desk Before Using The Shredder”

Image source: Flying-Tilt

#14. “Just Lost Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Product At Work. Most Likely Getting Fired”

Image source: Taclysis

#15. “I Spilled 50,000 2mm Glass Beads On The Ground And I Now Have To Sort Them By Hand”

Image source: Myosonami

#16. “Door Was Jammed Form Inside So Phoned A Guy To Repair It. He Managed To Open It, Left His Tools Outside, Came Inside And Shut The Door. Now We’re Both Stuck”

Image source: moghees

#17. “Are We There Yet?”

Image source: mohicansgonnagetya

#18. “Yesterday”

Image source: KidFlashj11

#19. “I Am An Asian That Finally Used The Iris Recognition Technology On His Phone”

Image source: aFriendlyAlien

#20. “Don’t Leave Your Kayak Out In The Sun”

Image source: tyrannosaurus_fred

#21. “My Mom Accidentally Printed Her Divorce Papers On Stickers”

Image source: lmhimes75

#22. “I Just Found Out This Isn’t Me. My Parents Never Took Out The Stock Photo And It’s Been There For Like Ten Years”

Image source: Pugrito-815

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