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People Share Hilariously Bad Software Failures That They Have Encountered

The software helps us a lot in our daily lives, making almost everything easier and faster. It’s safe to say that we depend much on technology these days. However, sometimes you can’t stand it. It’s when software malfunctions in a way that is beyond its normal operation.

Software failures make us go speechless, yet somehow they turn out to be very funny. There is a Subreddit dedicated to documenting and “poking fun at” all nasty software that people have encountered out there. People who follow this subreddit seem to be invested in it. They regularly submit new software errors, and we have collected some of the best ones in the list below. Check them out to see if you have ever been in such situations.

#1. “Setting A Reminder”

Image source: CouncilmanEnyap

#2. “Everything Is Broken”

Image source: x0mbii5

#3. “I Was Driving, And My Phone Vibrated In My Pocket To Tell Me This”

Image source: FreakJob99

#4. “I’m This Unpopular”

Image source: elmatious

#5. “How?”

Image source: The_Quantum_Alpha

#6. “Thanks For The Help, Siri”

Image source: jirachi_toast

#7. “Ah Yes The Ultimate Relaxation”

Image source: HCBeatZ

#8. “That’s A Pretty Strong Password Policy”

Image source: VerwirkteExistenz

#9. “Could Not Copy Files Because No”

Image source: 98otiss03

#10. “What The Hell Did I Do”

Image source: thebeast5268

#11. “Netflix, What Are You Trying To Do?”

Image source: soundersfcthrowaway

#12. “I Think My Subway Is Trying To Tell Me Something”

Image source: Imel420spencer

#13. “I Got A Coupon Code For 30% Off Bluetooth Headphones That Ended Up Being 98% Off When I Entered The Code”

Image source: jessie_jaaaayyy

#14. “Yes Google, That’s Exactly How Bridges Work”

Image source: Lothken

#15. “Thanks For Having My Back Tinder, I Guess”

Image source: SovietWaffles

#16. “My School’s Cafeteria Survey”

Image source: TheKing110111

#17. “Scuber Diver”

Image source: decentbirthday

#18. “Damn Robots”

Image source: TGPDSED

#19. “Cool Sign”

Image source: EsquireGunslinger

#20. “Shrug Emoji? Sorry Mate, No Idea”

Image source: elnombre

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