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21 Funny And Weird Tinder Profiles That Will Make You Look Twice

Tinder is quite a famous online forum where people can quickly find a hookup without ever leaving their homes. Because there are plenty of choices available, people really want to make their bio look as special as possible. Anyway, unusual things will always be easier to make a good impression. Yeah, in most cases, perhaps.

Sometimes people really go a bit too far with their bio. Uniqueness? Checked. Weirdness and ridiculousness? Also checked. They can take the eccentricity and humor to a whole new level that is inexplicable for an average human mind. But still, we appreciate the efforts they put into their outstanding bio. So here, we have selected some of the funniest and most bizarre Tinder profiles to present to you. Scroll down and enjoy the show.


#1. A Is For Apple

Image source: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License

#2. Two For One

Image source: Metaweb / CC-BY

#3. Sloth Friends

Image source: flickr / CC0

#4. That’s A Specific Dating Need

Image source: PotoHawk

#5. Most Persuasive Tinder Bio I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: Kaffaffa

#6. I’ve Never Swiped A Profile Right This Quickly

Image source: dustofoblivion123

#7. Tinder Pun-File

Image source: Enrique8123

#8. Online Dating Horrors

Image source: joeloare

#9. Which One Do I Choose?

Image source: SeanOfThaDead

#10. No Need For Dating Tips

Image source: touchofrockin

#11. A Lot Of Girls On Tinder Seem To Talk A Lot About Not Wanting “Beta” Men. Decided To Update My Bio Accordingly To Show That I Am Indeed An Alpha

Image source: hhdslater

#12. Tinder Profiles Comes In Many Shapes And Forms

Image source: SigningUpToReddit

#13. No Nudes Profile

Image source: Verfickte

#14. Self Deprecation Dating Profile

Image source: zh4000

#15. First Date Inspiration

Image source: gremlinsinspace

#16. This Emu Dude

Image source: Unknown

#17. Never Has A Tinder Profile Given Me So Much Joy

Image source: missrumsoakedkiss

#18. I Hope This Guy Finds Love On Tinder. He’s Awesome

Image source: MorPie99

#19. 10/10 Would Date Her

Image source: OhlalaToT

#20. Weird Side Of Tinder

Image source: stephaniesparkles

#21. Magical

Image source: Metaweb / CC-BY

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