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30 Animals With Pure Eyes, Making Us Fall In Love With Them In Just Seconds

16. “What are you guys talking about guys? Let me join in.”

17. “We’re a pack!”

18. “Are you calling me, mom? I’m playing peek-a-poo with dad while he’s riding his car.”

19. “Mom hasn’t got home yet, bro.”

20. “The present bag behind me is for me? It’s so good.”

21. “You don’t scare of me? I’m a grumpy guy.”

22. “The last minutes of trying to be a good boy!”

23. “It’s such a boring day!”

24. “You are making me embarrassed, hooman.”

25. “Are you kidding me? Where are my cookies after dinner?”

26. “What is happening over there? I think I need to talk to mom right away.”

27. “You made me very sad today, mom. You didn’t take me to the local park so that I could hang out with my friends.”

28. “Do you finishing taking my Chritsmas photos?”


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