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17 Hilarious Makeup Fails That Won’t Fail To Make You Laugh

Makeup is too familiar to almost every woman, even men also wear makeup. It makes you feel more confident as it covers all the flaws of your skin. A perfect shape face with smooth skin, charming eyebrows, large sparkling eyes, straight nose, full red lips. Which girl doesn’t want to have such a fancy look?

But actually, many people make up in wrong ways that they lose its benefit. Too much makeup may give you a disastrous look that no one would like to keep their eyes on your face for just a second. Sounds terrible, right?

Today, we’re sharing a list of makeup fail photos that will never fail to crack you up. Guys, believe me, these pics are so funny. From broom-like eyelashes to lips that look like pieces of beef, you can’t stop saying haha. Let’s check!

#1. “If you all thought the last one was bad have a look at this”

Image source: machocereals

#2. “Felt like you’d all appreciate a little satire”

Image source: Prototyping

#3. “This deserves some kind of medal”

Image source: ielongatedmylifthome

#4. “A lot to unpack here”

Image source: bsuri089

#5. “She went to the worst reviewed MUA in her city”

Image source: mangobutter6179

#6. “She’s like a full 8 shades darker than her arm”

Image source: Conde81

#7. “I genuinely think this is the worst thing I’ve seen on my explore page”

Image source: maddie_na11

#8. “I smell like beef”

Image source: AccomplishedAioli

#9. “I feel violated. Posted in one of makeup groups”

Image source: medzia96

#10. “It gets worse the more you look at it”

Image source: Fystikovoutiro

#11. “???”

Image source: kwazaa

#12. “Mexican politician”

Image source: Approximately23dogs

#13. “Spotted on SVU this morning, this poor woman’s color match is ESPECIALLY heinous”

Image source: viennalabeef

#14. “James, you can’t be serious with that foundation colour?”

Image source: nani_poo

#15. “This look is giving me anxiety”

Image source: QueenOfRock

#16. “Just No!”

Image source: lexi9900

#17. “Such distinct lines around the eyes. Shouldn’t there be some blending, or something?”

Image source: reddit.com

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