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These 20 People Shared The Dumbest Ways They’ve Got Themselves Injured

Getting injured is not a funny experience for anyone. But humans are clumsy at times. Even though they could see the harm, they still couldn’t avoid it. Most of the time, it’s simply bad luck that is about being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Well, life can be tricky, you know. However, there are times when people put themselves in danger because of their mindless choices.

People are absolutely weirdos. They can manage to get themselves in unimaginable situations. When the Twitter account Super 70s Sports asked its followers about the “dumbest freak injury” of their lives, the question received a lot of answers. People came up and shared their most embarrassing and epic failures in their life, and all of them are so hilarious. We have selected some of them to present to you on the list below. Let’s scroll down and get a dose of good laugh right now.



Image source: Super70sSports


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