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The Ridiculousness Of These 17 ‘Choosing Beggars’ Will Make You Laugh Hard

Everyone has their own problems. So let’s think about it. If a stranger is willing to give you a hand, they definitely do it with no expectation of repayment. And for people who receive their support, at least show your gratitude towards them. However, there is a type of people who don’t feel grateful for that and even brazenly ask for more.

They say beggars can’t be choosers, but these people didn’t get the memo. They gain benefits from the generosity of strangers unaware of how ridiculous they are. Check out the list below to see. We have collected some of the finest examples of ‘choosing beggars’ and their obnoxious characters. Give your kindness to someone who deserves it and don’t waste your time with these people (if you happen to meet them someday).


#1. Choosing Beggars Don’t Like Free Beer At Local BBQ Joint

Image source: DamnitDogan

#2. Desperate For A Free Sofa… But Only If It Matches My Colour Scheme

Image source: phil24jones

#3. Bad Sofa Dad

Image source: jackobyvilla

#4. Birthday Discount

Image source: II-I-Hulk-I-II

#5. Bold Strategy

Image source: Nidiahk

#6. Quite Literally Choosing Beggar

Image source: mysticalmisogynistic

#7. I’ll Do Anything For Work, But I Won’t Do That

Image source: Muchachi

#8. Begging Business

Image source: fortnitefan38477

#9. Doesn’t Life Experience Count?

Image source: paradoxicalmind_420

#10. Don’t Be This Person

Image source: Epix4

#11. Do You Take Crocodile?

Image source: catsondre

#12. Get What You Paid For

Image source: Texlad22

#13. Hungry For BBQ

Image source: plaid-knight

#14. I’ll Get You Back Next Week

Image source: SurgicVFX

#15. Not Driving A Hard Bargain

Image source: ExoticKazama

#16. Nothing Is Free…Except Something That’s Free

Image source: Jorger707

#17. Waste Of Time

Image source: XXXodiac

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