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15 Funny Pictures That Are Uncomfortably Relatable To Any Of Us

What do you often do in the evening? We believe that many will like to lay down on couches and get some good laughs from funny memes on the internet. That’s a good way to release stress and tension after a long day at work. Pretty much all memes are good, but the funniest ones are always relatable to us in one way or another. Well, feels like an inside joke, huh?

Here we have compiled a list of 15 photos that everyone can find awkwardly relatable. They are about daily life situations that anyone of us has been through at least once in life. Now, scroll down and see what we have got here for you. Hope that they can make your day a little brighter.


#1. When you try to convince yourself that you’re above petty drama:

Image source: some_bull_ish

#2. When you expect money back for that $10 bill you just gave for your $8 drink:

Image source: fuckitimarobot

#3. Every time this terrifying moment happens:

Image source: fvckyoumeme

#4. When you take a bunch of selfies and hope for the best:

Image source: fuckitimarobot

#5. When you check your bank account on Monday morning after partying all weekend:

Image source: suckmykicks

#6. When you ~accidentally~ check your ex’s social media:

Image source: bulge2go

#7. When you treat yourself to some undeserved R&R:

Image source: lovesexandla

#8. When you check your phone after blacking out the night before:

Image source: scottkinghair

#9. Whenever your roommate accidentally forgets to do something:

Image source: theladbible

#10. When you pick something up and immediately realize that it’s much heavier than you thought:

Image source: menshumor

#11. When you’re in the middle of group chat and realize you have nothing to contribute:

Image source: fuckitimarobot

#12. When you’re spilling your guts via text to your BFF and you get this back:

Image source: menshumor

#13. When you’re excited to get a text back, but realize it’s not from who you wanted it to be:

Image source: menshumor

#14. When you’re still mentally on vacation:

Image source: sadmichaeljordan

#15. When your dog pulls this jerk move:

Image source: _theblessedon

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