30 Giant Dogs Who Think Of Themselves As Cute Little Puppies

16. “I just have some questions to ask you. Let’s go straight to the point!”

17. “I’m boring. You said that I’m a giant. I’m still a baby, from inside out.”

18. A handsome giant!

19. “Why are you laughing? I just wanna sit between you guys. I’m not huge. The sofa is too small for three of us.”

20. Before and after!

21. Look like a lion, right?

22. “You do not love like you used to do. You don’t cuddle me often because I’m huge.”

23. A strong, trustful friend standing by our side. Look no further!

24. Our dogs always deserve to get cuddles even when they become giants.

25. An impressive transformation. The same person but not the same dog.

26. “My owner is thinner but I’m bigger. Still find the cuteness in me.”

27. Humans and giants!

28. Get chill when it’s snowing outside. Bestever companions!

29. Little angel and her guardian!

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