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20 Animals Born With Unique Markings That Make Them One Of A Kind

In the animal world, there are some amusing animals by they appear to be wearing masks. Their masks can fill distinctive needs such as protection, custom, entertainment, and even disguise. Furthermore, these masks can make them outstandingly charming in the animal kingdom. So, we have collected some pictures of animals that were born with special “masks” below. Scroll down to enjoy!

#1. A mask created by vitiligo

#2. A good mask for robberies

#3. The little guy wears glasses.

#4. Gothic makeup

#5. “When Cosmo was 3 months old, his mask made him look like The Joker.”

#6. A fluffy mask of anger

#7. When you have a colorful personality:

#8. A mustache mask makes a boy a man.

#9. Pretending to be a tiger

#10. “My mom’s cat looks like she’s wearing a fancy sweater.”

#11. There’s an angel on its face!

#12. White beauty

#13. Unable to look away

#14. The fox with smokey eyes

#15. Looks as if someone poured ink on this cutie.

#16. Bat-cat mask

#17. A little pirate with a black bandage

#18. Panda’s cousin

#19. Hands up! Bandit is here.

#20. A mask full of love


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