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19 Brutally Honest Tweets About Work That Everyone Can Relate

Everyone will have to live on their own someday. And to do so, we need to find a job and make money. Once people can earn a living, then they can start their independent lives. This is always easier said than done. Finding a job is not simple, and then people also have to deal with so many other things at work.

Crappy pay, a horrible boss, mean coworkers, or a project you don’t like, we’ve all had complaints about our jobs now and then. Just don’t worry because we understand your problems. Here we’ve found some tweets where people shared their struggles with their careers. These tweets can actually speak the mind of many of us. Sometimes it’s funny; other times it’s just plain serious. Anyway, it’s truly satisfying to read these relatable tweets. So, scroll down and check them out now.

#1 Your Boss Might Go To Space

Image Credit: DanPriceSeattle

#2 Pay Me What I’m Worth

Image Credit:  MissisAngele

#3 A Good Job Makes All The Difference

Image Credit: killHACKS / Reddit

#4 Nice One, HBO

Image Credit: AerinChevyFord

#5 Rejecting Hustle Culture

Image Credit: KaluhisKitchen

#6 Give Us More Money

Image Credit: RebeccaASerle

#7 Where Are The Robots Now?

Image Credit: sleepisocialist

#8 Protect Your Coworkers

Image Credit: Keally22

#9 Tattoos Should Make You More Employable

Image Credit:  Rabbidraccoon18

#10 My Treat!

Image Credit: lgbtop 

#11 Non Tippers

Image Credit: tlhicks

#12 She Showed Him

Image Credit: hunt_harriet

#13 So Much For Five Years

Image Credit: Mr__Lawson

#14 You Can’t Outdo The Doer

Image Credit: Vancbromycin/My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#15 Job Requirements

Image Credit: chiefsfan_713_08

#16 Next Week’s Concern

Image Credit: cillahope_

#17 How I Sleep

Image Credit: _kdot2

#18 House Husband

Image Credit: chukroxx

#19 If It’s What God Wants…

Image Credit:  KizzyPhD

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