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20 Hilarious Moments Of “Photos I Take Of My Boyfriend Vs Photos He Takes Of Me”

We tend to take pictures to keep the beautiful moments last long. For most couples, it’s not that all the men are bad at photographing, but, well, after seeing the pics below, we probably have to admit that girls are usually the ones who capture the right moments better.

Here is a list of funny moments of “Photos I take of my boyfriend vs. photos he takes of me” that frustrated girlfriends share the terrible pics their boyfriends take of them. While they always try to snap as perfect as possible photos for their men, the other seems not to care much in the first place. They just press the capture button without minding the light, angles, or background. Thus, they end up creating hilarious images of their beloved women. These laughable fails, however, somehow make the moments even more unforgettable. Check them out!


Image source: aliciakeomany


Image source: yajisselle


Image source: madisonhaas131


Image source: easygingerr


Image source: xxtramom


Image source: courtsjoyce


Image source: holliepatchett_


Image source: shelb_lorcher


Image source: punkofcolour


Image source: laurapdvl


Image source: annaclendening


Image source: newestnihaad


Image source: lilbeephoto


Image source: MeganStage


Image source: babydesneige


Image source: EwdatsGROSS


Image source: jazzz_howard


Image source: superrkarrl


Image source: dixielioness


Image source: sademmahours

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