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Kind Old Man Takes Risk To Rescue Kitten Who Has Been Standing On Utility Pole For Days

There are a lot of life affirming things in life and acts of kindness are referred to them as well. When you see the person who saves an animal, this fills you up with precious energy and makes to love this world even more!
So when we somebody saves the animal on the street, this scene means much more to all of us than we think so. Animals suffer much because of humans and such deeds brings some balance and help to make up at least somehow for bad things people commit.
Such things make us proud to be humans. Not all are ready to such dangerous actions – to save a dog or a cat with risk to life. For instance, this person climbed the poll just to save a small helpless kitty, which spent much time on the tall utility poll.


I was left in tears when he touch the kitty and brought him down. God bess this kind man. SHARE this story for your friends if you loved it!!

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