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18 People Who Created Brand New Sentences That Are Unexpectedly Funny

Languages are boundless. In daily life, people use thousands of phrases and sentences to make conversations. Because of this immeasurable diversity, it’s hard to tell which one is truly prominent among them all. However, there’re still exceptions. Some people can actually come up with a whole new sentence that you’ve never heard of, and it’s strangely catchy.

We bet you’d love to use new phrases and sentences in a conversation because it’s a great way to make a good impression. Lucky you, we have found a subreddit specialized in collecting such things. Visit  r/brandnewsentence and you can find a totally new world of wordplay. But for now, let’s check out what we’ve got for you here. These new sentences on the list below are all unique and unexpectedly hilarious to read. So, scroll down and enjoy your time.

#1 Tread Lightly

Image Credit: Boozemunkee / Twitter

#2 Add It To The Earthquake Kit

Image Credit: FredTaming / Twitter

#3 Welcome To Starbucks

Image Credit: LeBearGirdle / Twitter

#4 Iced Ketchup Drinks – Brand New Sentences

Image Credit: harpermartins / Twitter

#5 Fighting Off Satan With A Corndog As Her Device Of Choice

Image Credit: ddbllwyn

#6 Bury Me Loose – Brand New Sentences

Image Credit: yedoye_ / Twitter

#7 Take A Cactus Through The Face

Image Credit: birdballoons

#8 Crossing Boundaries – Brand New Sentences

Image Credit: david8hughes / Twitter

#9 A Chorus Of Angels Getting Hit By A Garbage Truck

Image Credit: MoistCr1TiKal / Twitter

#10 The Friendetta – Brand New Sentences

Image Credit: joshgondelman / Twitter

#11 The Wettest Dimes

Image Credit: KeatonPatti / Twitter

#12 You Kneel Before My Thrones Unaware That It Was Born Of Lies

Image Credit: xXxHuntressxXx

#13 Animorphing Into A Gorilla

Image Credit: Thedepressionoftrees

#14 Catnip Den – Brand New Sentences

Image Credit: OzzyThulhu

#15 Nature’s Dorito Dust – Brand New Sentences

Image Credit: Julia_Wertz / Twitter

#16 You Are Very Well Folded

Image Credit: regian24

#17 Nature Is Healing And Dramatic

Image Credit: SensualEnema

#18 The Fish Have Sinned – Brand New Sentences

Image Credit: rogueShadow13 


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