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Photographer Spotted An Emaciated Dog On A Remote Island And Saved His Life

Grab your tissues because this story will bring you to tears.

A photographer named Wesley White was traveling in Belize for business, so he was excited to explore the beautiful island and take some photos. With very little free time on his hands, he was looking forward to enjoying a wonderful trip.

On the first day of the trip, he decided to kayak to a tiny island in Thatch Caye. When he arrived at the island, he noticed a starving dog walking into a deserted fishing shack. The poor dog was skin and bones but friendly. “Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his tail wagging,” Wesley told The Dodo.

Wesley called out for people but there was nobody in the fishing. He didn’t think the dog would have lasted even another day and he needed to save the dog in time. Therefore, he put the dog into the kayak and came back to the hotel. If he didn’t do something to help, the dog would be starving to death.

As soon as he arrived at the hotel, he called for help. Thankfully, everyone pitched in to help, gave the dog food and took him to a vet. Sadly, Wesley just stayed with the dog for a very short time because he only had 36 hours until he was to leave Belize.

The veterinarian kept in contact with Wesley and let him know the dog was recovering and ready to move into a foster home. After two months at the foster, the dog could have brought an airplane to Dallas to reunite with Wesley.

The dog has a new name Winston and he is now happy in Wesley’s home with his owner and his friends. Watch how destiny brought Wesley and the starving puppy together and their reunion after a long journey in the heartwarming video below.

h/t: Reshareworthy

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