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20 Airport Pickup Signs That Are Embarrassing And Hilarious At The Same Time

After standing in endless lines, sitting hours on the airplane, and waiting to claim all your luggage, all you can think of is seeing your beloved ones at the arrivals terminal and throwing yourself into their warm tight hug. How sweet and happy just imagine that.

However, there are times when the travelers get more than they expected for a welcome back. It’s when their friends and families have a great sense of humor and decide to greet them in an amusing way, making the reunite moments more special, unforgettable, and embarrassing sometimes. They create funny and creative pickup signs to welcome their dearest people home. We’ve collected some of the best ones in the list below. Take your time to enjoy.

#1. “I’m Picking Up My Friend, ‘Chocolate Johnny,’ Who Literally Has A Chocolate Factory In Australia”


#2. “How I Welcomed My Brother Home At The Airport After A Year At University”


#3. “Last Week My Roommates Picked Me Up At The Airport. Like This”


#4. “My Friend’s Daughter Just Flew By Herself For The First Time. This Was How He Greeted Her At The Airport”


#5. “How My Friends Pick Me Up From The Airport”


#6. “The Challenges Of Picking Up A Metalband From The Airport”


#7. “This Family At The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport”


#8. “This Is How My Friend’s Dad Greeted Her At The Airport Yesterday. Best Dad Ever”


#9. “This Is How My Mom Greeted Me At The Airport, After Having Not Seen Her For A Few Years. She Made Me Walk Through The Entire Airport Under Her Left Arm”


#10. “Embarrassed The Wife At The Airport In Front Of Several Coworkers And Her Boss. She Loved It”


#11. “Kid Made A Sign For Grandma And Grandpa’s Arrival. It’s Getting A Lot Of Smiles At The Airport While We Wait”


#12. “These Kids I Saw At The Airport Welcoming Their Mother Back Home”


#13. “Welcome Home Mumma And Pdawg”


#14. Sooo cute


#15. “My Neighbor Asked Me To Pick Her Up From The Airport; I Hope She Likes The Sign I Made”


#16. “My Friend Just Got Home From A Trip. This Was Her Family Greeting Her At The Airport”


#17. “Ever Want To Punch Your Little Brother Before?”


#18. “When Your Mate Says He’ll Pick You Up From The Airport On Christmas Eve”


#19. “My Air Force Brother-In-Law Is Coming Home For The Birth Of His Son/ My Nephew. I’m Picking Him Up From The Airport”


#20. “How I Greet My Straight Friends At The Airport (I Never Got A Straight Answer)”


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